Home Remodeling, Home Additions and Home Improvements by RMA Construction

Times change. Tastes change. Families get larger … or smaller. It’s a given: Live long enough in any home and there are changes you’d like to make. Turn to RMA Construction, Design and Land Development, Inc. for those long-overdue updates.

  • Home Remodeling – What’s on your wish list? A bigger bathroom? More kitchen storage and work space? A media room in the basement? We’ll make your wish come true.
  • Home Additions – Need some elbow room? How about a sunroom, family room, or a room over the garage? We’re experts in adding space where there was none.
  • Home Improvements– If the years are showing, we can help you make your home as good as new – even better! A new roof, siding or gutters is a great start. And while you’re at it, why not improve on those everyday improvements? Add a skylight. Add brick or stone to your home’s exterior. Wake up the interior with new doors and woodwork. We can do it all.

Once again, RMA’s design/build construction capabilities come into play.

There are a lot of considerations when working with existing homes –the logistics of getting materials into the worksite, working around mature landscapes and hardscapes, bringing older homes up to current codes, and more. We’ll tell you if your dreams are doable, and if your budget is realistic. And we’ll design a way to turn that picture in your mind into a reality.

As with all our designs, your finished plans belong to you, and you can hire any contractor to do the work. But you’ll find there are definite  benefits when RMA is your designer and your builder.

When you choose us as your builders:

  • We’ll apply the cost of your plans to your down payment.
  • We’ll provide a standard MBA remodeling contract that clearly outlines our responsibilities and warranties.
  • You’ll have our “Rapid Response Team” at your disposal for a full year.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the work we’ve performed, we’ll take care of them immediately.

Discover why RMA Construction, Design and Land Development, Inc. is the first choice in Southeast Wisconsin and Lake Country for quality home remodeling, home additions and home improvements.