Design Build Process

RMA Construction’s Design/Build Process

Lake Country’s First Name in Custom Home Design

Typically, if you want a custom-designed home, a builder will suggest you go to a residential architect, and then bring back your plans. Or the builder may hire an independent architect. That’s because most builders have a handful of stock models, and “custom” means relocating a closet. Conversely, an architect who’s not a builder won’t be able to tell you what your dreams will cost you until he consults one.

With RMA Construction, Design and Land Development, Inc., your builder is a licensed residential architect. We don’t have stock homes. We don’t make you live your life within an existing blueprint – we create a blueprint built around your life. Your home is “Built Just For You,” down to the last custom design touch. In fact, we’ve never built the same home twice.

Creating the Home Design that Defines Your Dreams

Because we both design and build custom homes, we’ll design your dream within your budget right from the start. It’s always a balance – needs, wants, desires and affordability. For example, you may NEED three bedrooms, WANT them to be cozy and inviting, DESIRE skylights, and have a BUDGET that allows a few extra windows to let in the sunlight – and a bonus beautiful view. We’ll help you find that balance and create a home that fits your vision, your lifestyle and your wallet.

Of course, when we design your home, you own the blueprints and can take them to any builder for a bid. We’re confident you’ll be back when you discover how competitive our pricing is. Because of our long relationships with our subcontractors, and our ability to purchase the best materials at the lowest possible cost, you’ll find you get the most for your money with RMA Construction, Design and Land Development, Inc.

More home for your money. “Built Just for You.” Isn’t that what you’ve been dreaming of?